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How to be prepared for an emergency

Survival kits

How to be prepared for an emergency

Prepare your Emergency Kit or Disaster Supplies Kit

It's a must to have in our home or workplace an emergency kit or equipment with specific disaster supplies. We need a professional kit with proper packaging that allows us to save it anywhere and in any condition of temperature and humidity. The contents of the kit should be necessary for survival for 3 days.

What are the basics for an emergency kit :

WATER - In case you can not rely on outside sources for water, it is best to have stored water for at least 3 days for you and your family. Bottled water is the best choice. The recommendation for daily consumption per person is 2 liters, but it can vary in hot seasons or times of intense physical activity. It is necessary to take these factors into account in order to prepare our kit. In case you can not store enough water, the alternative is water purification tablets, especially useful for emergency situations that we caught outside the home.

FOOD - The optimum is to store food for at least 3 days , but it is always advisable to have a supply of perishable food . Select foods that require no preparation , refrigeration or cooking , and low salt content because they give less thirsty . Canned fruits and vegetables retain nutrients and stored for long. Nuts are a good source of energy, cereal bars , nuts or proteins are also very useful for its small size , high caloric intake and transporting ease of portability .

LIGHTING - It is best to dispense with batteries and gain a good flashlight with a built dynamo , which make us able to do without the batteries and recharge at any time. There are also solar lanterns that can be useful when we can be recharged with sunlight.

COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT - Mobile phones with GPS or even a portable radio. It is best to also obtain supplies solar battery chargers emergency or alternative energy sources .

MEDICAL KIT - Very , it is necessary to have a well-stocked medicine cabinet at home, in the office and in the car, not only for extraordinary situations , but to solve day-to- day events .

Our survival kits are designed in consultation with industry experts in emergency preparedness and conform to the guidelines given by government agencies and organizations in preparation nonprofit .

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